Last day I was unattentively listen last podcast from javaposse and they were talking about a great peace of software called SourceTree from Atlassian. It gave me the idea about finding a better git browser for my mac.

Since first time I was using git I installed and started to like GitX much. I was really happy with this simple yet powerful tool. But I was really confused about some screens on mac’s friends of mine that show me a different GitX. I wasn’t ever understand why my last updated GitX was really something else compared by their last updated GitX. Then time has passed.

So javaposse’s guy wake up my motivation about maybe replace GitX with a better tool. Unfortunately after a dowload and install of source tree then extreme simplicity of GitX just missed me very much.

I decided to dig deeply into GitX versions and realize very soon that there are many forks onto github. But how to choose the better/maintained/stable fork ? help me really efficiently in this task : I choose GitX (L). At last UI reminds me what I have seen onto my friends screens.

Now I can code.